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Intro: Oh, dear. Injured Liam. Bad mansion!
Meeting the boy who becomes Hatter
A Barma cares for Liam while he heals, part II
Gathering information from a Gilbert from Yura's party-timeline
Meeting another version of March Hare
Male!Hare camps out in Liam's bed
Glen Baskerville in Liam's room?! Oh, no. Just Knave.
Meeting evil!Liam
Liam does not want to attend meanie Alyss' unbirthday party, TYVM
Paging Doctor modern!Break
Ill-advisedly investigating noises made by an angry Hatter
All Fools' Day: Fairy Dust and Happy Thoughts
A heartbreaking All Fools' Day meeting with bitty!Gil
Meeting Gilbertine on All Fools' Day
Canterbury tastes the rainbow! Or becomes one, anyway.
Tea and Transvestites
Mad as a March Hare in April - Liam gets Hare back and is accosted by Baskervilles
Modern!Break lectures Liam over the incident with Bandersnatch
Emo!Break destroys his room
An Oscar shows up during the meteor shower (third thread)
Modern!Break introduces Liam to the singing flowers (third thread)
Delaying Gilbertine
Liam's Open Meteor Shower Tag
Lord Barma? Oh, dear, not the same one
Entertaining Lady Shelly (third thread)
The female!Xerxes again (second thread)
Was I Ever Really Like That?
A baking Gilbertine?
Wardrobe Malfunction...
Canterbury, a healer?
Wedding: Dressing Room with Dork (third thread)
Wedding: Dance Floor with Shelly
Wedding: Using Oscar on the Dance Floor to get away from Vincent (fifth thread)
Wedding: Open Dance Floor Post, in which Oscar forces him to dance with anything female
Wedding: Liam ices his shoulder after the incident with Oscar
Wedding: Reception with Exhausted Dork
Wedding: Running into Teenage!Liam at the Reception
Wedding: Liam's Open Wallflower Post
Wedding: Of course Liam is going to deal with the aftermath; so many drunk people
Another Run-In with Alyss
The Arrival of Duchess Sheryl
Stubborn female!Xerxes
Switching Sugar with Salt is Never a Good Prank, Albus
Sneezing Hare, Oh No!
Dork Attempting to Cook? This Will Not End Well
Liam, Meet Modern!Sharon
A Female Vincent?!
Bitty!Liam: The Mansion's Newest Prank
Bitty!Liam is Adopted by Sad!Rufus
Bitty!Liam Meets Not-Glen Mister Knave
Bitty!Liam Meets Bitty!Glen
Bitty!Liam: A Pet Frog? No, just Fail-Gil
Bitty!Liam: A new Break who doesn't talk weird
Bitty!Liam: Down by the laaake where the froggies luuuurk~
Bitty!Liam: Gilbertine's Return
Back to... normal? Oh my!
Kissing Meme: Mister_Hatter!Break (first thread; canon)
Kissing Meme: Gwen Baskerville (third thread; canon)
Abyss: Liam's Top-Post
Abyss: Meeting up with Stuffy
Abyss: Hatter's Territory
Abyss: Fail!Gil's Blunder
Abyss: The Will? No, not quite...
Abyss: Male!Hare in the Abyss (second thread)
Abyss: Another Xerxes (second thread)
Abyss: Shelly in a Nightgown (second thread)
Kissing Meme: Rufus' Jack (third thread; canon)
Post-Abyss: One step closer
Liam hides in his room, Post-Abyss
Avoidance never works
Oscar enlists help for Dork's birthday party
Lady!Break regains her contract
Birthday Party: Mingling
Kissing Meme: Handsy goes too far (Handsy takes it further)
Liam finds a body in the kitchen
Modern!Sharon's return
Break Revives
Meeting Owl
The aftermath of a long morning with bitty!Liam
Opera Meme: Lady Shelly (canon dream)
Love Letter Meme: Lady Shelly
Meeting Vincent Vessalius
Lady Shelly smells like strawberries
Revenge is a dish best served with FROGS
The Random (Porn) Scenario Meme: mister_hatter!Break (continues here) (canon dream)
Little one-eyed Vincent and elephants
Thanking Fang
Hanging with Hare on the porch
Beach: Teaching bitty!Liam to swim
Beach: A rather unclothed Sharon (third thread)
Beach: Lady Break in a sundress (third thread)
Beach: Arguing with modern!Break at the bonfire (first thread)
Beach: A nighttime stroll
A fresh start
Meeting Barma after bitty!Liam's fall (thread starts here)
A new Gilbert
Hatter's colorful mess
Dream Meme: modern!Break: canon shared dream
A new Break? No, a Break returns
Meeting Dork's Liam
The Last Words meme: mister_hatter!Break (second thread)
Post-Dream, Break finds Liam's new room
Senta's illness
Hurt/Comfort Meme: Failbert (canon)
A Little Mission
Cockatoo Dork
Tea with Lady Vessalius
Midsummer Night's Dream Meme: Lady Shelly (canon dream)
Gilbert dancing in a field of singing flowers
The Velveteen Hare
Avoiding Sleep: Redux - Chat with Dork's Liam
Meeting the Reaper!Break
Modern!Mansion: Open Liam post
Modern!Mansion: Firefly marathon (Dork's Liam)
Modern!Mansion: Doctor Who marathon (Ada)
Aphros Meme: Kevin (canon dream)
Modern!Mansion: Reaction to Canon Dream with Kevin
Failbert's Return
Modern!Mansion: Pot Brownies
Finally Asleep
A Quiet Birthday?
Meeting Vincent Faucheux
Fresh Break for Sale (4th thread)
Kissing Meme: Canon with Lady Liam
Kissing Meme: Canon with Handsy
Murder Mystery
Liam Revives
Halloween as Malcolm Reynolds
Dealing with a stubborn wounded Failbert
All Good Things...
Gilbertine's target practice
Popping the Mistletoe Cherry
It's a Wonderful Life event
Yuletide: Shelly
Yuletide: wrong Kevin (third thread)
Yuletide: Mingling thread
Yuletide: Jill (second thread)
Gifts thread
Forced to Kill: Canon Dream with Photo!Liam
Insomnia Meme: Canon with Fail!Gilbert
Forced to Kill meme: Canon Dream with Lady!Liam
Summer in Winter Event: Open Post
Intimacy Meme: Canon Dream with Xani
Beach at Night with Xani
A Conversation with Shelly
Dorks' One Year Anniversary
Valentine's Day Event: Open Post
St. Bridget's Day Event: Open Post
Murder: Liam Comes Across the Body
Kevin's Return
March Madness (some are AU or Canon Dreams)
Comforting Xani by the Fountain Murders
A Suspect...
Threatened by a Rufus? So Displeased
Dork Breaks Cups
Blue Rose Festival event: Liam's Wish
A Room of Living Statues
A New Bitty Gilbert?
Not Enough Caffeine, Clearly
Jackquake event: Saving Xani (second thread)
Jackquake event: Open post
Tea Party Town: Open post
Tea Party Town: Fail!bert (second thread)
Attempting to Beat the Heat
Hunting the Snark: Gilbert
Hunting the Snark: Snark (third thread)
Open Bar
Summer Cold, What Luck

[sent home]

Mistletoe with Xani (second thread)
Break with Candy at the Fountain
Bibliophile Alert!
Private Thread: A New Relationship
St. Bridget's Day
Spanish Influenza

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Barma hires modern!Break as a nanny (starts here in the thread)
female!Break and modern!Break have a pissing match (starts here)
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Seven Minutes in Heaven Meme: Elliot
Seven Minutes in Heaven Meme: Kevin Baskerville
Rainy Day Meme: Break
Affectionate Physical Contact Meme: maddeninghatter!Break

Liam tries to convince his mun to write fanfiction instead
In which Liam reacts to being accosted by Bandersnatch and Glen on the same day

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This journal is for pseudo-canon, post-party Liam.

As far as established relationships, Liam is friends with Oscar, Gilbert, Oz, and Sharon. He hasn't spent much time around Alice but is on good terms with her. He is a servant to Duke Barma, but feels comfortable calling him Rufus-sama. He distrusts Vincent. He obviously has an issue with Baskervilles, and is especially shaky about Lily, what with her having nearly killed him, her reaction to seeing him alive, and his shaky feelings about having shot a child in the first place.

Break is where things get strange for him. To him, Break tends to break the bounds of friendship at times, sometimes seeming to seek more, and then dancing away before Liam can react. Liam really would like to know where things stand, but getting Break to discuss anything serious tends to be troublesome.

For Liam, the most recent thing that has occured in his life is the incident at Yura's party, and Break's confession, essentially, that Liam is important to him. He has not had a chance to talk to his Xerxes about that, having been taken from his world shortly after he was injured and before he even learned the outcome of the party.

So he is technically unattached to anyone romantically.

He arrived at the Mansion in March 2011 still injured, though not in grievous danger. The shoulder is especially bad, but so long as he is careful he shouldn't get worse. The wounds on his torso are not as bad as they could be. The wound to his hip is deeper, and in a location that makes walking somewhat painful. Most noticeable are the bandages for the wound on his head and the smaller bandage for the cut on his cheek, along with the fact that his left arm is in a sling.

He'll slowly heal.

Regarding the mun:

Mun has RPed before, but it's been a few years, so it might take a bit of time to acclimate. Also, works three jobs so this Liam will be a bit scarce. He's healing, so that's his excuse until the mun has time during the summer to get more involved. Mostly doing this for some distraction from work.

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Break may have made a little bunny hut for Liam to live in, but Liam is not all that fond of it. He's not a bunny, after all. So as often as he can, he uses his bunny claws to climb up onto the bed in Break's room, and naps on a pillow, eschewing the hut for a more human choice of bedding.

If Break is on the bed sleeping, all the better. One thing about being smaller than Break for the first time in a long time, is that he gets to tuck close and be smaller. Secretly, he kind of likes that.

So that's what he's doing now, nuzzled slightly against Break's stomach.

[private to [personal profile] maddeninghatter]
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[Liam runs after Break, wondering in the back of his mind if he's actually going to be able to catch him. After all, Break is only caught if Break wants to be caught, for the most part.

But, still, he's going to give chase anyway, futile though it may be.]

Xerxes Break! Get back here!

[private to [personal profile] maddeninghatter, continuation of PHDR thread]


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Possibly the worst part of last night is that Liam remembers it.

So he's sticking to his room, nursing his hangover with complete embarrassment.

[private threads for [personal profile] maddeninghatter and [personal profile] bitchingboots]
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Liam has slipped out of the apartment while Kevin is sleeping. He left a note, and is spending the next week hiding in the Mansion.

You see, he is feeling the urges hares in March are famous for, and not only is it difficult to achieve satisfaction in the first place... but the satisfaction does not last long.

He is quite miserable, and holed up in his former room much of the time, though he does make his way to the kitchen at times.

His wrists are quite sore.

[OOC: lol. He will not fuck everyone, so keep that in mind.

Also, these do not have to be canon. They can be canon dreams or just AU if you'd prefer. Please make note of your preference.]
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Liam heard from, well, a little pony somewhere, that Jack is gone. That is perhaps the only reason he has the courage to knock on the door of Shelly's townhouse, after the disastrous conversation at the Yule Ball.

He has a book tucked under his arm, the one Shelly gave him for his birthday.

And he's quite nervous because he's really not sure what to expect, despite those dreams they shared.


Nov. 12th, 2011 11:27 pm
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Liam woke up today feeling... different. A good sort of different. The unnatural sort of different.

He feels like he's regained his equilibrium, his sanity, his mental stability, for the first time since he revived from three weeks of death. Really, he feels more steady than he has in a long time, even before that.

And given that it's the unnatural kind, he knows it's too good to be true. There's no telling how long it will last.

But while he's feeling up to it, he knows there is someone who desperately needs him to be stable, and it's her he goes to find.

[Private to [ profile] smallkindnesses]


Nov. 6th, 2011 03:14 am
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Following the encounter with Shelly, Liam is shaken. He wants nothing more than to get back to his room and hide and just... be alone.

Unfortunately, he discovers that he forgot, in his nervousness about going out into the town, something important.

His key.

He doesn't dare kick in his door, though he knows he is capable of it. He doesn't want a broken doorjam and a door that won't lock and offer him some form of protection.

He considers and rejects going to the child version of himself to be let in. After the encounter he's had, he's too shaken and will likely frighten the child accidentally.

After standing in the hallway, feeling exposed and vulnerable, for several minutes, he remembers that one Break can pick locks. He'd heard that Break was injured by Shelly, but hopefully he's recovered enough for that.

He meanders down the hallways to his room, jumping at shadows just a bit, and hesitates for a moment before knocking on the door.

[Private to [ profile] almost_knightly and [ profile] clear_as_bells]
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Liam has been dead for three weeks, his body laid out on the bed, cleaned up and in pajamas. He'd look like he was sleeping, were it not for the fact that he hasn't been breathing.

Until now.

He revives with a choked gasp and an aborted attempt to sit. He'd wake with a yell, but there isn't the air in his lungs to allow it, and instead he winds up curled on his side, taking deep, desperate gasps of air.

[Waking thread for [ profile] gained_his_wish. Can also be a visiting thread, if people want.]
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Liam hasn't mentioned his birthday (and doesn't know that the child has) and therefore is expecting to just quietly note his change in age.

He was happy to provide presents for the child, and has already hung the child's drawing on his wall.

But his general plan is to stay in his room and relax. Perhaps take one of those bubble baths the child is always talking about.

[Do you knock? Throw the door open? Somehow catch him in the bath because the Mansion is evil?]
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Liam has worked hard to stay awake most of the time since the last dream, but he's finally given in and crashed.


He's sound asleep, half sprawled, half curled on his bed under the covers.

[private to [ profile] gained_his_wish]
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Anyone entering the kitchen today will discover that the table has been elongated, there are extra chairs scattered around.

The sink is filled with ice, soda, and a variety of beers. In the freezer you'll find tons of different kinds of ice cream.

The table is chock-full of strange (for most denizens) foods.

There are pop rocks, warheads, licorice whips, gummy bears, cheese in a can, Goldfish, an assortment of various chocolate confections, Pop Tarts, cheese popcorn, a variety of Girl Scout cookie types, cookies in general of all sorts... pretty much every modern treat imaginable.

In the center of the table is a large platter stacked with dozens of delicious-looking brownies.

(Most of said Mansion denizens have never encountered pot brownies before. Have you been warned? If you're modern, do you make the connection before or after you consume them? Or do you care?)

It all looks so good! Where will you start? Or are you the party pooper who instead wonders where it came from and distrusts the Mansion?
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Liam is seated in the kitchen with a pot of matcha. After this last shared dream, he's figured that the best way to avoid them is to avoid sleep. The best way to avoid sleeping is caffeine, and lots of it.

It's so much easier to avoid sleeping when one actually has things to do, though. The macha will only go so far. So he has his little notebook out and is making a list of things he might do.

[private to [ profile] clear_as_bells]


Aug. 9th, 2011 02:10 am
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Liam hasn't had an easy time sleeping lately. After the most recent dream (second thread), he gave up on getting a decent night's rest.

He's relaxing on the settee by the window, reading, and hoping to drift off at some point.

[private to [ profile] mister_hatter]
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Liam is in the kitchen, displaying his rudimentary culinary skills by cooking chicken, potatoes, and carrots.

Really, it's not much. A chicken breast in a frying pan, potatoes and carrots boiling in a pot.

Nearby is a fresh pot of tea and Liam's teacup.

[private to [ profile] mister_hatter]


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