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Break may have made a little bunny hut for Liam to live in, but Liam is not all that fond of it. He's not a bunny, after all. So as often as he can, he uses his bunny claws to climb up onto the bed in Break's room, and naps on a pillow, eschewing the hut for a more human choice of bedding.

If Break is on the bed sleeping, all the better. One thing about being smaller than Break for the first time in a long time, is that he gets to tuck close and be smaller. Secretly, he kind of likes that.

So that's what he's doing now, nuzzled slightly against Break's stomach.

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The reason for the little bunny hut is that he's afraid of rolling over onto Bunny!Liam and squashing him. Good thing he's a light sleeper. When he feels the little bunny snuggling against him, he stirs and harrumphs. Presently, however, he slips a hand around Liam, holding him protectively.

Date: 2013-04-06 04:13 am (UTC)
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Break certainly isn't used to Liam being a bunny. But he's not going to demonstrate that it upsets him (because, after all, isn't it upsetting Liam more?). His first impulse had been to joke about it. For now, he continues to try to behave as though it's normal; or, at least, a minor irritant.

As the days pass, however, he is becoming more anxious. Could this be permanent? Already he knows he'll never see Liam's face again. Will he also never hear his voice?


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Oh, thank goodness!

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"Why, god bless you, Mister Liam! That was quite a sneeze."

And Liam is naked. Well, there is nothing at all the matter with this turn of events. Break's fingers are already on Liam's head, which he scritches fondly, before trailing his fingers down Liam's back.

"I'll be sure to carry a large handkerchief for you, if this sort of thing happens again!"

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"To preserve your modesty Liam. Though perhaps I shouldn't concern myself with such things, as you seem to have none at all~!"

Break can roll over as well (without fear, now!) and shift his hand, to keep reaching for Liam's "modesty" (or lack thereof).

----nice ass! He's missed it. Bunny butt is fluffy, but not at all the same.

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"Why, you're so cuuuuuute when you're flustered."

With his other hand, he finds Liam's head again, fingers traveling over his cheeks and his mouth. Ah, there. He moves down, pressing Liam's lips with his own. He hums. His body relaxes: his concealed tension is finally unwinding.

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Now that he has allowed himself to relax, he melts fully into the kiss, arms winding around Liam's shoulders, caressing his back. And he is already pushing his knee between--

"Er...We should?"

This sounds like Liam wants to have a Talk, with the capital "T" or rather even a lecture The prospect is disturbing!

"Well, well... we could, I suppose. After a bit more of this perhaps."

"This" being clutching Liam's head, forcing it back, and nibbling Liam's lower lip and chin and throat.

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Virtual cold water dumped. He leaves off his enthusiastic caressing and pulls away, reaching for the covers. He'll steal all of them, too, sulkily.

"What is it. About this... this Miss Xani."

He looks pained at having to pronounce her name.

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He only half hears this, only half-comprehends, because he's already made some fast assumptions. The first thing Liam wanted to do upon becoming human is talk about someone else, so...

"I want to be friends, obviously. It's what I've always wanted."

He pulls on the blankets again, wrapping himself up in them: his usual blanketfort. It was a nice fiction, while it lasted. But it was only ever a fiction, wasn't it?

"You were always the one who--! Honestlyyyyyyyyy, how fickle you kids are!"

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Liam's always been the one to get past his angst cocoon, one way or another. This is a particularly nice way. He can't embrace Liam, as he's still all wrapped up in his blankets, but he'll kiss back.

"I want..."

The truth is, he wants to be friends, but not just friends, not anymore. He makes a small noise of impatience.

"I want you... to develop better taste. Honestly, if you're going to be a man of the field, play it. Don't stick to one corner!"

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He's huddling back down again, under the covers. His voice is muffled.

"This is your idea of revenge, isn't it?"

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"Er, well."

He shifts, uncomfortably at Liam's touch. Presumably because the cheeks Liam is touching are crimson.

"Putting you in my hat, for starters."

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He gets an arm free of the covers and around Liam. His lips are so gentle, so sweet. Ah, but what a terrible person. Hadn't he blurted out his feelings (nearly) when Liam was a bunny. It's not at all fair, making him speak when Liam can answer back!

"You know me, Mister Liam."

He's never thought of himself as the jealous type, however...

"I never share my candy."


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