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Xerxes Break
Modern AU Break, aka Dork
"You're going back to bed now. It is time for all good little Liams to have their naptime."
This is the person Liam has interacted with most in the mansion, and he's currently more comfortable with him than most others. There are things that Break clearly doesn't feel comfortable discussing, and Liam respectfully tries to avoid those subjects. He's also fascinated by Break's description of his world, and is ferverently hoping that that books from or about it show up in the library. Unfortunately, though he avoids subjects Break dislikes, Break does not return the favor, and is constantly flustering and upsetting him--most often with comments of a sexual nature.

Although this Break is very obviously not his, Liam finds it easy to slip into the same sort of role he has with his own. On the one hand it gives him some feelings of normalcy in a place that has him pretty consistently off-balance, but on the other... This Break survived whatever illness he had in place of Xerxes' contract. His Break likely will not. It's something he tries to ignore, but it makes him uncomfortable when he isn't able to. Additionally, the fact that Break has been caring for his injuries and stepped in during the encounter with Bandersnatch means that Liam is going to try to be of help to him whenever possible. Overall, he's confused about this Break.

Xerxes Break
the not-blind one
"...It's my room. I can wreck it if I feel like it."
One of the first people Liam met in the mansion, this Xerxes challenged his initial notion that the whole thing was a hallucination by princess-carrying him to a bedroom.

The next time Liam encountered him, he had destroyed a room. Liam doesn't know how to approach this one, really. This Xerxes is from before he started taking care of Break more, before he went blind and needed taking care of.

Xerxes Break
"Regardless of whether or not you're my Liam, you're Liam. That's enough."
When he saw this Xerxes in the hallway on All Fools' Day, he truly thought it was his Xerxes. But he quickly discovered, while treating her wounds from Yura's party, that this is a female version of Xerxes Break.

She's so much like his Xerxes that it's almost physically painful for Liam. She reminds him of things he's struggling with, and reminds him that he's lonely. The quote above may apply to her view of him, but he's having a hard time believing that.

Rufus Barma
Guardian of the Bitties
"You have terrible taste. But I suppose I knew that."
This Barma found Liam wandering and confused in the second-floor library when he first arrived at the mansion, and immediately took him under his wing and provided medical care personally. He knows of Rufus' relationship with an absent Jack, who was caring for young pre-Tragedy Vincent and Gilbert, and that Rufus has taken over as their guardian.

The relationship between them is a bit different here than at home, in that Rufus doesn't seem to expect Liam to wait on him--though that could be in part due to Liam's injuries--and actually informed him that he considers Liam a friend, not just a servant. He asked Liam to teach the boys social nicities, and, from Liam's viewpoint, implicitly apologized to him for belittling him over the years. This has Liam confused, to a certain degree.

Liam Lunettes
"You mean, you're really from my own future? I'm going to get that tall? Wow."
The teenage version of himself bemuses Liam to no end--in that he finally understands why Xerxes found it so entertaining to torment him. He can harly believe he was ever like this.

Because it is himself--and a version of himself generally unexposed to the terrors of the world--he's feeling awfully protective of this particular one, and immediately upon meeting him worked to warn him of the dangers of the mansion.

Gilbertine Nightray
Female version of Gilbert
"It lets you see a full gallery of rogues and allies."
Liam met Gilbertine on All Fools' Day, long after he heard of her existence from Rufus Barma. He's intrigued by her, in that she's different in some ways from the Gilbert he knows at the same time that she manages to be exactly the same. He knows Gilberts are inclined to worry, so he does his best not to add to it with his own injuries, among other things.

Lord Barma indicated her as someone trustworthy, so she was the one he reported his encounter with Glen Baskerville to.

Gilbert Nightray
"My master took me in off of the street, even though I grew up poor with no title. I don't deserve his kindness..."
Little Gilbert is the only one of the brothers Liam has met thus far. Unfortunately, that first meeting was during All Fools' Day, when the mansion was pranking bitty!Gil into believing that a potted plant was his returned master. In his attempt to comfort the boy, he accidentally triggered a bit of a fit.

After discussion with modern!Break, Liam came to understand that there were triggers to be avoided, so he was ready when he met Gilbert a second time. He's concerned for the boy, since all of his self-worth is wrapped up on his usefulness to his master. But it's also making Liam examine himself, as well, because he often feels the same regarding his relationship to Xerxes Break.

Lady Shelly Rainsworth
Healthy Shelly
"I see you've returned to the earth with the rest of us mortals."
Liam has always adored Lady Shelly, and the fact that she is healthy here has him thrilled. She was a mother figure during the time he stayed at Rainsworth, and he's missed that. He tries his best not to worry her.

Despite that, she is the one he confessed to regarding his fear that the Xerxes of his world had died because of him, and she offered as much comfort as possible.

Gwen Baskerville
"There seem to be quite a few other versions wandering around, yes."
When first meeting her at Jackie and Glen's wedding, Liam was quite worried that she was the Glen who had implicitly threatened him. However, it turned out that not only is this a female version of Glen, but she is from before the Tragedy. He wound up informing her why others were wary of her, and later was pressed into a dance with her by Oscar.

To him, she seems like a friendly person, if quiet, and since she has not perpetuated the Tragedy and in fact seemed shocked that it had occured, he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Oscar Vessalius
the merry drunk
"Wonderfully ordinary days are great and all, but extraordinary days are something worthy of extraordinary experiences."
Lord Oscar's first reaction to seeing Liam was to convince him to play chess--a game that ended with Oscar crawling on the floor looking for the pieces since Liam's injuries prevented him from doing so.

Oscar seems to be of the opinion that Liam needs more fun in his life, and that he's the one to ensure he has it. To that end, during Jackie and Glen's wedding, he made sure Liam danced with multiple people, and has generally encouraged him to relax and laugh a bit. Liam is quite fond of Oscar, but a bit flustered by some of his attempts to get him to relax--notably his decision that Liam should dance with Dork.

March Hare
Female Version
"Let's have a tea party with Hatter and his master~!"
Hare is Hare, and Liam has always adored his Chain. The fact that she is here in a human form is a little shocking, but she first approached him as the Hare when he arrived in the Mansion and calmed him.

She was the one to help him find the cavern with the Keys and renew the contract, and he's much more relieved to have her familiar presence nearby. His interactions with her have been limited, but he is always glad to see her.

March Hare
Male Version
"The walls have ears, so why can't clocks? They've.. certainly got faces."
Liam found this version of Hare under a clock in the hallway. Hare immediately took it upon himself to care for his injured contractor. This involved stealing about a dozen pillows from empty rooms and sleeping on the other side of the bed. Liam rather likes this Hare, but he hasn't seen him recently and has assumed that he found his way home.

Mad Hatter
The Leaver of Cookies
"Well, it's tea time. Why don't you join me, little Liam?"
Liam met Hatter when he was destroying a room and a bit of debris bounced off Liam's door. They had tea, during which Hatter enjoyed making Liam flustered, and then he sent him back to bed with a tin of cookies. He's been leaving cookies under Liam's pillows since.

Hatter reminds Liam very much of Xerxes Break, in their personalities. At times, he feels almost like he's talking to Xerxes, while at others he's reminded very much that this is a Chain--and a dangerous one at that. In general, he likes being around him, so long as Hatter isn't intent on flustering him.

"You balance Xerxes well, just like Hare balances me. Hatter."
Liam is concerned for Canterbury and isn't really entirely sure how to approach him. Canterbury is blunt in his questions, and asked Liam if he loves Xerxes. They both worry about Xerxes and want to help him.

Canterbury, it turns out, was training to be a healer before he was sacrificed to the Abyss. He's taken it upon himself to ensure the population of the mansion stays healthy, and has thus become Liam's doctor. Since Liam is clueless about caring for his injuries, he's quite grateful for the help, even if it did mean he had to drop his trousers so Canterbury could examine the wound on his hip.

"I wish to show my contractor how terrible men's clothing can be."
When Liam first met Knave, it was because Knave appeared in his room and asked to see his clothing. And terrified Liam in the process because he thought the chain was Glen Baskerville. That was cleared up quickly.

He's a bit irritated by the Chain, in part because Knave insulted his fashion sense and has seemed to actively try to antagonize him since. However, he does trust the Chain since he is contracted to Gilbertine. The unfortunate consequence of this was Liam mistaking a Glen for Knave and nearly getting into a bad situation. He's hoping that won't happen again.


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