Mar. 14th, 2031

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This journal is for pseudo-canon, post-party Liam.

As far as established relationships, Liam is friends with Oscar, Gilbert, Oz, and Sharon. He hasn't spent much time around Alice but is on good terms with her. He is a servant to Duke Barma, but feels comfortable calling him Rufus-sama. He distrusts Vincent. He obviously has an issue with Baskervilles, and is especially shaky about Lily, what with her having nearly killed him, her reaction to seeing him alive, and his shaky feelings about having shot a child in the first place.

Break is where things get strange for him. To him, Break tends to break the bounds of friendship at times, sometimes seeming to seek more, and then dancing away before Liam can react. Liam really would like to know where things stand, but getting Break to discuss anything serious tends to be troublesome.

For Liam, the most recent thing that has occured in his life is the incident at Yura's party, and Break's confession, essentially, that Liam is important to him. He has not had a chance to talk to his Xerxes about that, having been taken from his world shortly after he was injured and before he even learned the outcome of the party.

So he is technically unattached to anyone romantically.

He arrived at the Mansion in March 2011 still injured, though not in grievous danger. The shoulder is especially bad, but so long as he is careful he shouldn't get worse. The wounds on his torso are not as bad as they could be. The wound to his hip is deeper, and in a location that makes walking somewhat painful. Most noticeable are the bandages for the wound on his head and the smaller bandage for the cut on his cheek, along with the fact that his left arm is in a sling.

He'll slowly heal.

Regarding the mun:

Mun has RPed before, but it's been a few years, so it might take a bit of time to acclimate. Also, works three jobs so this Liam will be a bit scarce. He's healing, so that's his excuse until the mun has time during the summer to get more involved. Mostly doing this for some distraction from work.


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